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Foreign visitors, other than Indian nationals, who intends to visit Nepal must hold valid passport or any travel document equivalent to passport issued by the Govt. for visiting a foreign country prior to apply for visa. Visa can be obtained at the Nepalese Embassies, Mission and Consular's or upon arrival in the airport or any other entry point.

Important Information:


  • No foreigner is entitled to enter into and stay in the Kingdom of Nepal without valid visa.
  • Once the visa is issued, it will not be amended, revalidated and visa fees will not be refunded.
  • Personal cheques and credit cards are not accepted.
  • There will be no charge for children under 10 years. However, visa is required.


Following types of tourist visas may be obtained from Nepal.

I. For the first visit in a visa year:

Type of visa Validity Fee
Single Entry 60 days USD 30.00
Multiple Entry (Double Entry) 60 days USD 80.00

II. For next visit within the same visa year:

Type of visa Validity Fee
Single Entry 30 days USD 30.00
Multiple Entry (Double Entry) 30 days USD 30.00


Entry validity: Six months from the date of issue. The validity of visa dates are counted from the the date of arrival in Nepal.


Visa Extension: A tourist visa can be extended from the Department of Immigration Office for a total of 120 days. An additional 30 days visa may be granted on reasonable grounds from the apartment. Over the course of a visa year, a tourist cannot stay in Nepal more than cumulative 150 days.


Required Documents:

  1. Valid Passport. (with a validity of a minimum period of six months)
  2. Application form.
  3. One Photograph.


#Note: Apart from Tourist Visa, you can obtain Diplomatic Visa, Official Visa, Non-tourist Visa, Study Visa, Business Visa, Residential Visa and Non-residential Nepali Visa as per your requirement. For detail please visit


No Visa on arrival:
People of these countries do not get visa on arrival at the immigration entry points of Nepal:
  1. Nigeria
  2. Ghana
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Swaziland
  5. Cameroon
  6. Somalia
  7. Liberia
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Iraq
  10. Palestine
  11. Afghanistan


Important Note to all Visitors

  • All foreign/visitors are requested to be mindful of the date of expiry of the Nepalese visa and their passports to avoid future problems. As such, you are requested to apply for a visa extension, if you wish so, within the valid period of the Nepalese visa.
  • You are requested to get the arrival/departure stamp on your passport at the entry/exit points to avoid further complications.
  • Living in Nepal without passport or a valid visa is a punishable offense.
  • Deviation from the prescribed routes in the trekking permit will be treated as the violation of the law.
  • You are advised to be aware of brokers/cheaters or any counterfeit documents of visa and travel/trekking permits to avoid legal complications. If you are not traveling through any authorized agency, do not use mediators for visa and travel/trekking permits. You are requested to contact the Immigration Office directly.
  • Change of purpose of stay without permission is not allowed. Employment or voluntary service while on a tourist visa is strictly prohibited. It will be a punishable offense.
  • Be sure to register at the police and Immigration check point along the trail. It is wise to register your trekking destination and schedule at your Embassy or Consulate.
  • If you encounter problems along the trails, report them to the nearest police or Immigration post.
  • You are requested to change money with authorized dealers and do not forget to take formal receipts.
  • You are requested to inform the Immigration Office or Police Station for any changes in your address previously given in the visa application form.
  • You are advised to contact the Immigration Department for visa transfer in case of getting new passport or travel document from you Embassy/Consulate.
  • Passport and travel/trekking permit should be kept by the traveler during the journey.

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