Kathmandu : Narayanhiti Royal Palace

The word Narayanhiti actually is made up from two words “narayan” and “hiti”. Narayan is a form of Hindu god Lord Vishnu, whose temple is located at the palace and hiti means water sprout, which is also located to the east of the main entrance in the grounds of the palace, and which also has legends associated with it.


It is located in the north-central part of Kathmandu, and the entire enclosure surrounded by a compound wall, it is called the Narayanhiti Palace. Built in 1970 in the form of a contemporary Pagoda, it was a new palace, in front of the old palace of 1915. This palace was built on the occasion of the marriage of the then heir apparent to the throne, King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah. This was the palace where on June 1 2001, at the hall in the palace where the Crown Prince Dipendra in a drunk state gunned down his family consisting of King Birendra Bir, his mother Queen Aishwarya, his brother and sister, and also five other relatives. He later gunned himself, but died only two days after. The next and probably the last king to live in this palace was king Birendra’s brother, Gyanendra and his family. After Nepal was declared a secular and inclusive democratic republic, the king was asked to vacate the Narayanhiti Royal Palace. It has now been turned into a Museum and is open for all to see.

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